Currently there are five office staff working at the Municipal Office in Neilburg.

Chief Administrative Officer - Janet Hollingshead-Lelsie
Deputy CAO - Kathleen McGladdery
Finance Officer - Tracey Zweifel
Public Works Coordinator - Karrie Blackbeard

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is appointed by the Council each year. He/she must possess a valid certificate of qualifications. The administrator's role is of secretary treasurer, financial and legislative advisor to council, and a liaison between council, the community and the municipal employees.

The CAO's duties are to:
   • be secretary to the council and in this role prepare and keep records and bylaws;
   • attend and record proceedings at council meetings;
   • communicate resolutions and instructions of the council to all parties concerned including the preparation and transmission of correspondence, forms and other materials as required;
   • maintain a bylaw register;
   • sign documents, agreements and orders executed on behalf of the municipality as directed by council;
   • safely keep all documents of the municipality;
   • keep custody of the municipal seal;
   • keep or supervise all funds and securities;
   • prepare and maintain the assessment roll;
   • prepare the tax roll;
   • collect revenues and control expenditures;
   • maintain municipal accounts for revenues and expenditures, assets, liabilities etc;
   • prepare financial statement and financial information;
   • maintain a neat and professional appearance;
   • conduct him or herself in a manner which will enhance the integrity, dignity and honor of the municipality;
   • continue professional development and growth.