Road Policies

The Rural Municipality of Hillsdale No. 440 implements policy from time to time to ensure fair treatment and consistency throughout the Municipality.

Borrow Pits

The Municipality shall provide payment for borrow pits and landscape borrow when necessary in order to accommodate municipal road work. Negotiation for borrow should be left to each Councillor, said negotiations to be in writing and subject to Council approval. Payment for clay shall be $0.75 per cubic yard. Payment for the disturbed area will be as per Compensation for Ground Disturbance Policy.

Cattle Guard Policy on Road Allowances

This policy includes all cattle guards (Texas Gates) situated on road allowances and surveyed roads within the Municipality.
  a) to ensure that the RM is aware of the existence of all cattle guards within the Municipality;
  b) to ensure that cattle guards are built and maintained to a standard satisfactory to the RM Council and to ensure the safety of users of municipal roads.
Registration of existing cattle guards on road allowances and surveyed roads will be required, and will include the owners’ name and location.
Proposals for New Cattle Guards
   • written permission must be obtained before a cattle guard may be placed on a road allowance or on a surveyed municipal road
   • cattle guards must meet the RM specifications and standards
   • a detailed plan of the cattle guard must be submitted in writing to the Council of the RM prior to installation
   • maintenance of the cattle guard is the responsibility of the landowner
   • “Cattle at Large”, Texas Gate Ahead” and “Advisory Speed Signs” shall be posted on all road allowances and surveyed roads with Texas Gates; and the cost for signs and installation to be charged to the landowner
   • the landowner shall provide an alternate crossing in the form of a minimum 24-foot gate in the fence beside the Texas gate and an approach to the fence gate to accommodate passage of wide or heavy equipment
   • minimum weight requirements according to Provincial weight restrictions
   • space between cross members shall be a minimum of 5 inches on 2 7/8 inch pipes
   • pipe cross members should be minimum of 2 7/8 inches
   • cross members shall be supported by a minimum of 4 – 6 X 6 X ½ I beam, T iron or pipe of equal strength
    • size – minimum of 20 feet by 6 feet on municipal roads, undeveloped road allowances or bladed trails
   • wings on either side of cattle guard shall be a minimum of 4 feet in height
   • materials shall be all steel construction top sitting on steel or concrete foundations 

Compensation For Crop Damage

The Municipality shall provide payment for crop damage when necessary to accommodate municipal roadwork. Negotiation for borrow pits should be left to each Councillor, said negotiation to be in writing and subject to Council approval. Crop damage payments shall be made in the same year that construction is undertaken. Payment per acre shall be set by Council based on the average harvest and price per acre during the year of construction.

Compensation For Ground Disturbance

The Municipality shall provide payment for ground disturbance due to constuction or borrow: compensate for average payment for crops - peas, canola, wheat and barley in a 3-year rotation based on average yield and price of 1st year determined by resolution of Council at the November regular meeting.
     100% payment in 1st year
     50% payment in 2nd year
     25% payment in 3rd year
     All payable in year of constuction.

Custom Work Policy

Ratepayers are allowed one grading per year for their driveway when time permits.
We will allow our employees and equipment to perform contract work for ratepayer residents yard sites located on the border but in the neighboring municipality when time permits.

Dust Control Using DL-10

The RM may provide dust control to farm sites directly adjacent to roads at the request of the landowner in the following manner:
   • for the purpose of this policy a farm site is deemed to be a maximum area of 660 feet;
   • the land owner shall be charged the full cost for of the porduct;
   • the municipality provides gravel, grading and labour for application;
   • the owner of the farm site adjacent to the road must submit an application for the product;
   • there is no guarantee to the life expectancy of the material
   • the RM is the road authority and shall reserve the right to grade as necessary;
   • Council reserves the right to prioritize the requests based on need and time constraints.
Unpaid Dust Control
All unpaid dust control invoices be added to the taxes on December 31st of the calendar year.  Any ratepayer refusing to pay an invoice will not be given the option of dust control in subsequent years.

Equipment Rental Policy

The RM of Hillsdale No. 440 will rent equipment on the following terms:
     • the Municipality shall set their rental rates using the current Provincial rental guide;
     • the renter of the equipment shall provide his or her own power units wherever applicable;
     • if owner’s power unit is used with attachment, the rent shall apply to both units;
     • the owner is responsible for maintenance and the costs of maintenance;
     • the renter is responsible for wearable items such as blades and tips;
Machinery Rates The municipality will reference the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association Equipment Rental Guide to determine machinery rental rates.
The wire roller will be rented at a cost of $50.00 per use.


The Municipality fence policy for road construction shall be:
   • New fence must be constructed on the boundary of right-of-way or the land owner's property at a rate of $6,000.00 per mile. Deviations may be allowed around water with approval of Council prior to building of the fence.
   • Fence will be constructed to a minimum standard of 200 posts between 13-16 feet spacing per mile, 3-4” posts, 3 wires with at least one gate. This shall include the costs of the gates and tie-ins.
   • Removal of existing fence shall be paid up to a maximum rate of $1,800.00 per mile.
   • The installation of a temporary fence by the land owner will be paid $3,000.00 per mile.
   • Any elk, buffalo and slab fence will be paid at the same rate as a 3-wire barb fence and the remaining cost shall be paid by the landowner.
   • Any fencing that will cost more than the above policy will be subject to approval by Council with the landowner submitting copies of the expenses incurred.

Grading Policy 

First Grade in Spring The grader blade is to be out over the edge of the road. This is to ensure there is no cut ridge left on the side of road to hold water on the edge of road.
     *This practice will be continued throughout year.*
Pulling Shoulders
A second operator will follow with the rock rake or a grader mount sod mulcher will be used to ensure no large debris is left on road top.
Gravel should be spread across road top. Little or no gravel is to be left in a ridge on the side of the road. There is no need to drive a grader on the ridge to pack it down.

Pavement Policy

The Municipality shall mark the center line and side marking lines on all paved roads.

Right of Way Purchases

The Municipality shall pay for road right of ways at the onetime rate of 2.2 times the 2021 fair value assessment and the Municipality shall be responsible for the reclamation of the areas purchased. The land owners shall be paid for the right of way purchase at the time of construction start date and signed agreements in place.

Haying Policy

The Municipality shall permit the cutting of hay in municipal road allowances.
Adjacent landowners or lessees have first option to salvage hay along municipal roads. These landowners must be contacted to salvage hay on or before July 8 of each year.
After July 8, any person may cut an salvage hay without the permission of the adjacent landowner or lessee, provided the landowner or lessee has not begun salvage operations.
     • Right-of-way must be left neat
     • Bales must be at least 8 meters from the edge of shoulder of roadway
     • Bales must be removed within one month, or may be removed by the municipality
     • No person shall cut hay during the period from one-half hour after sunset until one-half hour before sunrise
     • Haying operations shall not obstruct the travelled  portion of the road
     • RM of Hillsdale No. 440 may begin top cut procedutes if conditions warrant
     • RM of Hillsdale No. 440 may begin top cut of Highway ditches through municipality on August 15 as per contract with Ministry of Highways.
See Bylaw 5/2015 for more informaion

Snow Plow Policy

As the owner of the property, if you wish snow removal from your driveway, you will be required to purchase a Red and Yellow Snow Removal Sign from the Municipal Office, for $60.00 plus GST. This sign is yours to keep and reuse each year.
You will be responsible for placing the sign at the end of the driveway and removing it when the snow has been cleared. If you live adjacent to the highway, you will be requested to phone the office when you require snow removal, as operators do not always use the highway to move through the municipality.
The minimum of charge of $60.00 per plow will be invoiced monthly. This allows for up to 15 minutes to remove snow from the right of way to the house. Any work or discussion beyond that is chargeable at custom rates. Additional time spent plowing is charged at $250.00 per hour.
The Snow Plow Custom Work Agreement must be signed previous to any snow removal or work being done. The RM will determine whether the service can be provided without causing damage to property or our equipment in terms of width of driveway and/or turning area.
For renters of any property within the boundaries of the municipality, the landowner must be in agreement. A Snow Plow Custom Work Agreement is required from both the renter and the owner. Prepayment for services may be required.

Priorities for snow removal shall be as follows:
- Bus routes and main roads
- Other maintained roads
- Yards as a last priority

Council would like to also remind ratepayers that snow plowing across
municipal roads is not permitted. Keep snow piles on your property and away
from the edge of municipal roads. Children should be cautioned of the dangers
of playing in or around snow piles adjacent to road ways.

Contract Sanding & Snow Plow Policy

The policy for a contractor to work on a municipal road will be that the Foreman will be responsible to contact the contractor and specify the work required. Any additional work or work that has not been authorized will not be paid for.