Freemont Transfer Station

In conjunction with West Yellowhead Waste Resource Authority (WYWRA) the Rural Municipality of Hillsdale No. 440 operates the Freemont Transfer Station located 5.5 miles East and 1 mile South of Neilburg.

The West Yellowhead Waste Resource Authority Inc. is a non-profit organization formed by municipalities in Northwest Saskatchewan and is one of several regional waste management organizations within the province. By operating on a regional level, WYWRA can focus on developing an environmentally improved system of waste and recycling management that benefits the local community. The WYWRA region is currently made up of 29 member Municipalities which are grouped by area into 6 districts. Representatives from the member municipalities within these districts elect a Board of Directors that governs WYWRA’s policies and procedures. In addition to the full member municipalities, there are 2 municipalities that participate in just the recycling program. WYWRA is also pleased to be serving a growing number of commercial waste and recycling customers within the region. WYWRA is committed to keeping the safety of our environment at the forefront while also exploring new and innovative ways of managing recyclable products.

The WYWRA staff strive to be as knowledgeable as possible regarding the recycling and waste industry and will make every effort to deal with your inquiries or concerns in an efficient and professional manner. WYWRA offers many flexible service needs throughout the region. At this time the use of the Transfer Stations and Recycle Depots is restricted to residents within the membership areas and this offers an additional way to provide convenient disposal options for our members.

As of December 31, 2014 each Municipality who operates a WYWRA transfer station sets their own prices for tipping. Tipping fees cover the cost of transporting and disposal of wastes.