Various permits are required for Council to protect infrastructure and ensure safety. Your cooperation is valuable to continue the success of our Municipality.

Overweight Permits

Overweight Permits are required to ensure our roads are protected from excessive wear and tear. You may call or fill out the following from and submit it to our office. You will be contacted with a permit number as soon as possible. NOTE: Price increase July 16, 2018
     • Loaded Trucks and Service Rigs
          $50.00 per unit, per day
     • Annual Primary Weight Commercial
          $300.00 for Multi Trip yearly permit
     • Annual Primary Weight Farm – no charge
     • Annual Primary Weight Permits for Primary Weight Corridors
          $300.00 for Multi Trip permit
Overweight Permit Request form (PDF)
Overweight Permit Request form (Excel)
     • Drilling Rig Moves

          $50.00 per unit, per trip
Rig Move Permit Request Form (PDF)
Rig Move Permit Request Form (Excel)

Development Permits

Under the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw, the R.M. of Hillsdale now requires permits to be completed for any new development, construction or demolition on existing properties.

Development Application
Development Permit Form (PDF)

Discretionary use permits must be advertised and approved at a regular council meeting. Please check with the office for timeline.

Permitted use permits can be approved within a few business days.

Note: For Plumbing Permits contact Prairie North Health Region at 1-306-446-6400