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Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA)
is responsible for the property assessments in the RM of Hillsdale No. 440.

Beginning in late January & extending for 2-3 days, an appraiser from SAMA will be conducting annual maintenance field inspections in the RM in order to update the assessment roll.
The inspections will be at properties where a change in assessment value may occur, such as
those properties with new dwellings, garages, sheds, decks, additions to dwellings, etc., as well as removal of buildings or assessable structures. The appraiser only needs to do an EXTERIOR inspection in order to obtain the dimensions/size, class & condition of the structure in question.
If the property owner is not at home, the appraiser will leave a door hanger with his attached business card. The SAMA appraiser will have the proper identification marked on his vehicle,
as well as carrying an identification card. Individual appointments will not be made at this
time as it slows the inspection process. SAMA wants to be proactive by notifying
property owners our intention to complete an EXTERIOR inspection only of your property,
while keeping in mind the safety of the public and our staff. 

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Credit Card & Debit Card Payments 

     The RM of Hillsdale No. 440 is pleased to announce that it will now accept payment by VISA or MasterCard for select municipal bills/services.
     Through OptionPay, our third-party payment processor, for a nominal processing fee you can make credit card payment through our website using the link below, via phone, 306-823-4321 and in our municipal office, 39 Centre Street, Neilburg, SK. All processing fees are charged by OptionPay and are not received by the Municipality.
     Utilizing OptionPay enables our Municipality to keep our overall payment acceptance processing costs down yet provide for individual residents to utilize their credit card for payment of municipal bills/services.
     Currently the following bill types for our Municipality can be paid through OptionPay:
          • Property Taxes
          • Ownership Maps
          • Accounts Receivable (invoice)
          • Licenses
          • Permits
     All payments will be received by the Municipality within 48 business hours, so please be sure to allow for this processing time when making your payment. Also ensure to know your daily and/or transaction processing limit when making credit card payments.
     For optimal performance please use Google Chrome or Firefox web browser when accessing OptionPay.

Option Pay Link

2% Liquid Strychnine No Longer Available

Control of Richardson's Ground Squirrel - Strychnine

Quote from Saskathcewan Govermnet Site.
The Pest Management Regulatory Agency of Health Canada issued a decision to de-register Strychnine for Richardson’s ground squirrel control March 4, 2021. Sale was permitted until March 4, 2022 and use can continue until March, 2023. Use after this time is not permitted. Strychnine is a highly toxic compound. There is no antidote.
At this time the RM Council is not offering any alternatives.
For more information please viist - Control of RGS

Saskatchewan Introduces Enhanced Measures To Control Feral Pigs 

Wild Boar

Emergency Prepardnes Safety Alert

The Village of Neilburg and the RM of Hillsdale No. 440 are working together to create an Emergency Prepardness Safety Listing. Anyone who owns property, rents or leases, or has a business within our limits will be added to our list. You will be recieving a letter in the mail to fill out and return. If you do not receive one or need more copies, please find it below.
Thank you for your co-operation!
Emergency Prepardness Listing Letter & Form 

 Accelerated Site Closure Program

Information taken from The Weekly Policy Bulletin (SARM Communications 1-16-2021)

  • Under the Accelerated Site Closure Program (ASCP), the Government of Saskatchewan is now providing landowners with oil and gas sites on their land an opportunity to nominate those sites for consideration for abandonment and/or reclamation work.
  • Oil and gas licensees will be able to review nomination information provided by landowners for consideration of inclusion in their plans related to the ASCP. Nomination of a site does not guarantee that it will be abandoned and/or reclaimed under the program.
  • ASCP program funds cannot be used by licensees to abandon and/or reclaim sites where the licensee is in arrears to the landowner on surface lease payments, unless there is express consent from the landowner to do so.
  • The landowner nomination process is meant to facilitate information sharing between licensees and landowners to identify abandonment and reclamation opportunities of mutual interest.

More information, including how to nominate sites on your land,
can be found on the Accelerated Site Closure Program.


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