Road Construction

The Rural Municipality of Hillsdale No. 440 continues to maintain all 315 miles of road. This includes Primary Grid 675 - 6 miles North and 16 miles South, Surfaced and Gravelled Grid Roads, Main Farm Access Roads, all of other Municipal Roads.

Road Development Policy

Council adopted the following road allowance development policy for the purpose of expediting the approval process and accommodating the oil and gas industry:
   • All applications for development of road allowances must be submitted in writing to the RM office.
   • The Municipality agrees to pay for engineering, tendering, culverts and half the gravel costs of municipal oilfield access roads designed and built to Main Farm Access standards.
   • All future road construction for Main Farm Access and above standard roads shall have right-of-way purchased to 150 feet.
Industrial Road Standards will be as follows:
   • 8.5 m. top
   • 100 ft. right of way
   • 3:1 m. side slope
   • 5:1 m. backslope
   • 1 m. grade minimum
   • clay only on top 2 feet of road top

Undeveloped Road Allowance Policy - Industry

Advise oil companies that currently the undeveloped road allowance gives the farmer access to their fields when road/weather conditions allow and oil/gas development will require 24/7 access and therefore the RM of Hillsdale No. 440 require cooperative maintenance and upgrading of the road allowance. In regards to undeveloped road allowance approval requests for approaches, crossings or improvements of any kind the parties requesting approval will be charged a $100.00 fee for service.

Undeveloped Road Allowance Policy - Farmer

This policy is to help in the organizing and budgeting purposes for field access roads, all access requests will have to be in writing with a sketch of what work they desire to be completed. Application for road development to be submitted by April 1 of the calendar year, all requests will be weighted based on the below criteria, any requests are unable to be completed in the calendar year the forms will be kept on file to be looked at in future budget years and will be assessed each year. The width of the road must be constructed or upgraded to a width to allow vehicles or towed implements with no form of transport which can narrow their width. If no other route is available to access field, driving through your own property is considered access. On non through roads, gravel cost will be shared with adjacent land owners with all having to comply. The Municipality will endeavor to organize roads that are being built in close proximity to save on mobilization costs.
Ranking Criteria
   • Willingness of adjacent land owners to work with the RM ex. moving fence, picking stones, dealing with brush piles 40%
   • Number of ratepayers benefiting from the improvement 20%
   • Standard of current access 25%
   • Through road vs. dead end 15%