With ever changing world development, the RM has become diverse in many ways. With plans, bylaws and approvals, Council continues to embrace change and grow into the future.

Official Community Plan

The Official Community Plan is intended to serve as a statement of goals, objectives and policies of the Rural Municipality of Hillsdale No. 440 for its future growth and development. The policies are intended to provide Council with direction and guidelines for establishing bylaws, programs and decision making on future land use and development proposals.

Official Community Plan
Amendment 5/2014
Amendment 8/2019

Zoning Bylaw

This is a Bylaw to control the use and development of the land in the Municipality and assist in implementing the Official Community Plan for the Rural Municipality of Hillsdale No. 440.

Zoning Bylaw
Amendment 10/2013
Amendment 6/2014
Amendment 4/2019

Approach Development and Existing Approach Approvals

Council adopted the following road approach policy for the purpose of expediting the approval process and accommodating the industry:
   • applications for new approaches to be constructed and the use of existing approaches, must be submitted in writing to the RM office;
   • there must be an appropriate site distance;
   • the approach must be constructed at a right angle to the road;
   • the approach onto all developed roads must have a minimum width being equal to the adjacent road top and 5 to 1 slopes;
   • a culvert must be installed where necessary;
   • any approach entering onto a gravel road must be graveled at the time of construction;
   • allow a maximum of two approaches per quarter plus one approach for residence.

Permission for the approaches may be granted between council meetings with consultation with the respective Councillor. The Municipality will build approaches for ratepayers to allow for access at a cost of $3000.00 per approach. Council will rebate the $3000.00 custom approach costs at the time when the ratepayer pays their current taxes.

Road Crossings - Pipelines

Pipelines must be bored and buried a minimum depth of 2.5 meters where they cross the road allowance and right of way.